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Alex Bliu, PhD

New Horizon / Alex Bliu, PhD

Alex Bliu, PhD

Senior Biostatistician with the Office of Biostatistics, Health Canada


Dr. Alex Bliu is a senior biostatistician with the Office of Biostatistics, Centre for Regulatory Excellence, Statistics and Trials (CREST) at Biologic and Radiopharmaceutical Drugs Directorate (BRDD), Health Canada. Alex holds a doctorate in Biostatistics from the McGill University. In addition to reviewing and providing statistical expertise in different drug submissions at BRDD, Alex is involved in different policymaking activities both within Health Canada and internationally and contributes to several regulatory guidelines.  Dr. Bliu’s research work and expertise focus on designs and analysis of clinical and epidemiological studies, biostatistics in general, causal inference, missing data methods, and time to event outcomes.


Oct 29th 10:15 Session 4: Study Methodologies in Pediatric Trials