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Ashley Strougo, PhD

New Horizon / Ashley Strougo, PhD

Ashley Strougo, PhD

Childhood Cancer Program Lead, Sanofi


Ashley Strougo is currently the Program Lead for the Childhood Cancer Flagship, a commitment from Corporate Social Responsibility at Sanofi. Previously, she was the Head of the Modeling and Simulation Group in Germany where she also fulfilled the roles of Translation Medicine Lead and Modeling and Simulation Lead for late phase programs.

Ashley has a long-standing interest in pediatric drug development with more than 15 years of experience in drug development, including significant contributions to planning, development and/or submission of many investigational drugs for children. She is a member of Sanofi’s Pediatric Network and Sanofi’s representative and former chair of the Pediatric Working Group at IQ Consortium. Prior to joining Sanofi in 2015, she worked as a quantitative clinical pharmacologist with focus in pediatric drug development for 8 years at Astellas Pharma and for 2 years at LAP&P Consultants in the Netherlands. Ashley graduated as a pharmacist at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2001 and obtained her master and PhD degree after various research projects involving the use of PK-PD modelling in the field of pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and pediatrics at Leiden University, The Netherlands. Ashley is the co-author of key scientific publications in this field.