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Nathalie Gaspar, MD

New Horizon / Nathalie Gaspar, MD

Nathalie Gaspar, MD

Paediatric Oncologist at Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus


Dr Nathalie GASPAR, MD, Ph, is a paediatric oncologist at Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus (Villejuif, France), head of the adolescent and young adult (AYA) unit and chair of the AYA programme of the institute (SPIAJA programme), since 2009. She is in charge of bone sarcomas, cancers with peak incidence in the AYA population, from biology to clinical care. Dr Gaspar is also paediatric head of the French bone adult and paediatric sarcoma group, GROUPOS. She is actively involved in early new drug development in France and in Europe, through her participation to the Innovative Therapeutics for Child and adolescent with Cancer (ITCC) consortium and through her action as co-chair of the Fostering Age Inclusive Research (FAIR) trial initiative of the multistakeholder ACCELERATE platform.



Oct 28th 10:30 AM ET Panelist Session 2 – Reaching Agreement with Regulators on Global Approach to Pediatric Drug Development